Friday, August 04, 2006

Lee Goldberg in The Writer

Screenwriter and novelist Lee Goldberg is profiled on the last page of the September '06 issue of The Writer, one of the only writing magazines you'll ever need. The other, incidentally, is Poets & Writers.


Steven said...

I'll look up the Goldberg article, but say more about why these are the two magazines I'll ever need. What do I get out of them? I ask because I got an introductory offer for Poets and Writers sitting on my desk.

Gerald So said...

Poets & Writers is bimonthly, more literary/less genre in focus, but it includes essays on craft, writer profiles, and info on submission deadlines, writing contests, and grants.

The Writer is a slimmer monthly magazine of how-to and refresher articles that strike me as straight talk whereas I tend to feel Writer's Digest is hustling me.

Steven said...

Ah, many thanks. I'll take a look next time I'm in a bookstore.