Friday, October 20, 2006


Click your mouse button if your favorite Gauntlet character was the nimble elfin archer. That may explain why Green Arrow is one of my favorite comic book characters and why I've enjoyed his multi-episode arc on Smallville this season.

In last night's episode, Oliver Queen takes Lois Lane to a high society party where Lionel Luthor introduces Martha Kent to his monied friends (potential backers for her state senate campaign). Shortly after Lionel's introduction, the power is knocked out, and Green Arrow steals a necklace Lionel has loaned Martha for the night. This sets Lois, Chloe, and Clark on the trail of "The Green Arrow Bandit."

Smallville frequently pits Clark against guest heroes whose identities are more established, but who will all eventually be overshadowed by Superman, to show where Clark's morals are. Green Arrow, liberal champion of myriad causes, does this better than Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. With Lana and Lex pursuing their own storyline—Lana's become quite the dragon lady, by the way—Clark is looking more like the hero he will become. Finally.

Who are you?

Haven't you heard? I'm the Green Arrow.

I hope you enjoyed your cult status while it lasted.

* * *

[Clark's heat vision has prevented Lois from unmasking Green Arrow.]

Oliver Queen. You owe me one.

That was you on the roof? Why'd you let me get away?

I'm not sure Lois would understand why her boyfriend leads a double life.

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John Ricotta said...

Why am I not watching this show? Oh yeah, now I remember.

"Da-da! Da-da! Da-da! C'mon!"