Friday, October 20, 2006

Last Night on Letterman

Top Ten Signs Your Television Show Is Going To Be Cancelled

10. It's entitled, "Everybody Loves Osama"

9. Instead of laughing, studio audience shouts, "Let's burn down the studio"

8. The frequent lulls while the lead character attempts to remember his lines

7. It stars the remains of Desi Arnaz

6. "Variety" calls it "A thrill ride similar to eating tainted spinach"

5. To keep costs down, show is taped by elevator security cameras

4. It nabbed the coveted 3 AM time slot

3. One of 15 NBC shows based on backstage at "Saturday Night Live"

2. The opening credits include the word "Hasselhoff"

1. Their big idea is something called "Ventriloquist Week"

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