Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Blog Workout

I've been deleting old posts in the hopes Blogger will let me upgrade sooner. Targeted for deletion are outdated template notes ("I've added a tagline, Haloscan comments, etc."), outdated gossip ("Ashton and Demi Tie the Knot", "Katie Holmes Dating Tom Cruise"), movie buzz that didn't pan out ("Beyonce as Lois Lane?", "Eric Bana Playing Bond?"), and past celebrity birthdays ("Cindy Crawford turns 38."). If this doesn't allow me to upgrade sooner, it's still nice to trim some of the fat and reduce my blog-publishing time.

UPDATE (01/09/07): I didn't think I'd make it, but I've cut back to under 2000 posts. Of course, Blogger still won't let me upgrade... In any case, I have a new understanding of how much celebrity gossip I had blogged and how seldom people commented on it. I don't care as much as it seems what celebrities do. Chalk the gossip up to impulse-blogging. I did not intend, for example, to preserve rumors of Jessica Simpson dating John Mayer for years.

A blog is not a toy.
A blog is not a toy.
A blog is not a toy...


John D. said...

I haven't upgraded yet either. Resistant to change, I guess. Is there a maximum number of posts on a blog that you can't exceed if you want to upgrade?

Gerald So said...

Currently Blogger says if you have a blog with more than a couple thousand posts + comments you have to hold off upgrading. They're switching users over gradually so as not to slow down New Blogger too badly.

I understand the measure. On one hand, I'm willing to wait. On the other, I'd really like to use the Labels feature to organize this blog.