Saturday, January 06, 2007

From the man who brought you THIN AIR and POTSHOT...

As posted to his Amazon blog today, Robert B. Parker's next Sunny Randall book is titled Spare Change (Sea Change, what?) and his next Spenser book is Now and Then.

Excuse me, but yawn.

What really gets me is I'll be reading Now and Then as I've read every Spenser book regardless of title, and a few months later its plot will blend with the rest of the Spensers since A Catskill Eagle.


Dave White said...

See, I'm curious, if it bothers you so much... why read it? Or at least why buy it...?

I still buy Parker on first print... he still cracks me up and is a helluva stylist.. so I read him and there's always at least one moment a book where I say "That's why I read Robert B. Parker."

Gerald So said...

I still read the Spenser and Jesse Stone books because I moderate Spenser's Sneakers and I wouldn't feel right commenting on Parker's latest work without reading it.

I know lots of people still like Parker's style. While they call it "effortless" or "easy," I think it's gotten borderline sloppy. My current opinion has no bearing on my opinion of the early books or of Spenser's origins as a 1970s update of the private eye.

I'm less interested in Sunny Randall, but if someone gave me a Randall book, I'd read it. I haven't mustered much interest in his standalones and have not read many of them.