Friday, January 12, 2007

"Solomon & Lord Sink or Swim" by Paul Levine

UPDATE: Originally published as "Solomon & Lord Drop Anchor" in Akashic Books' Miami Noir (2006), this story is now available as an Amazon Kindle standalone, along with all Solomon vs. Lord novels—SOLOMON VS. LORD, THE DEEP BLUE ALIBI, KILL ALL THE LAWYERS, and HABEAS PORPOISE.

The story opens with Steve Solomon trying to convince Victoria Lord that he's going out on Manuel Cruz's boat, Wet Dream, for a simple business meeting. Victoria knows that Cruz slowly bilked Steve's benefactor, Teresa Toraño of $3 million. The law hasn't been able to touch Cruz so far, and Solomon's Law No. 1 is "If the law doesn't work, work the law."

Intending to force Cruz to tell him where the money is, Steve wants to leave Victoria on the dock, but at the last minute she hustles aboard. Like Levine's Solomon vs. Lord novels, this story highlights how Steve and Victoria complement each other. There's a desperate side to Steve that he likely would've acted on were Victoria not present. Victoria also provides the means by which they elicit Cruz's confession.

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