Thursday, January 11, 2007

Tonight's Smallville: "Form of...water!"

Thanks to those wacky meteors, Daily Planet gossip columnist Linda Lake (Tori Spelling) can turn into water. What better way to get the scoop? And so she does, first breaking the news that Lana is torn between lingering feelings for Clark and Lex's marriage proposal, then learning that Clark is an alien. Is a head-on collision with Lana's SUV enough to finish her?

Meanwhile, Lois enlists Jimmy and Clark's help to unmask the Green Arrow, but when she fakes a mugging, Oliver and the Arrow appear side by side. There were other clues, but I didn't realize until Lois kissed the Arrow that it was Clark in disguise. That's gold!

The episode had a lot of great moments, charged dialogue, and almost no lulls. Kudos to writers Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson and director Tom Welling.

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