Sunday, January 28, 2007

Worlds Colliding

Sci Fi Channel's new series The Dresden Files has me interested in the source material by Jim Butcher. I thought last week's premiere was decent. I probably would have been more "nerd-furious" had I read the books first (Joe Mantegna as Spenser?!), but there's something to be said for enjoying an adaptation in itself. I was glad for the chance to watch the Dresden show with no preconceptions.

In fact, I can enjoy adaptations even after I'm aware of changes made from their sources. I have trouble following both an adaptation and its ongoing source at once. I'd prefer a source to finish before adaptations are attempted, but that's not the way to make money.

So it's a blessing that I never bought a Star Wars or Star Trek tie-in while enjoying the original series and movies, that I read Robert Parker's Spenser books with no memory of Spenser: For Hire, and that I have no interest in Kathy Reichs's books while watching FOX's Bones.

On the other hand, I enjoy USA's Monk and Lee Goldberg's tie-ins at once because Goldberg has written for the show. The Monk of the books is not exactly the Monk on TV. I don't think he can or should be, but he's close enough for me. Review of Mr. Monk and The Blue Flu coming in a week or two.

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