Monday, February 05, 2007

My Favorite Bonds Only

This week MGM begins releasing the Bond DVDs individually. The first wave includes Goldfinger, Thunderball, and Licence to Kill, pretty much my favorites right there.

I can live without the Roger Moore movies altogether. Convenient, and a little sad.


Victor Gischler said...

Even people who dislike Roger Moore seem to admit LIVE AND LET DIE is one of the good ones. Just a thought.


Gerald So said...

I've never seen LIVE AND LET DIE in its entirety. My favorite Moore Bond is THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, but it's not on my must-own list.

John D. said...

Count me among the LIVE AND LET DIE fans. It was Moore's best Bond. Great villain (Yaphet Kotto), great Bond-babe (Jane Seymour), and the best movie boat chase ever.

Victor Gischler said...

That's a good one too.

Actually, I wouldn't put any Bond movies at all on my must own list. Seems like they're on TV all the damn time.


MysterLynch said...

If you are a bond fan, pick up the Ultimate Collections. The bonus material is worth the price.

P.S. Live and Let Die is good, but Spy Who Loved Me is indeed Moore's best Bond performance.

Gerald So said...

I'm not a colossal Bond fan, Jeremy, but I did snap up GOLDFINGER, THUNDERBALL, and LICENCE TO KILL the other day for less than $10 each. I'm pretty much set.