Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Busy

I busied myself today submitting Thrilling Detective's three nominations for the 2007 Derringer Awards. This year in particular I wish we were allowed four. I've contacted our nominees, so if you haven't heard from me and are a member of the Short Mystery Fiction Society, please do nominate your own Thrilling story. As Fiction Editor I enjoyed them all; I wouldn't have chosen them for publication otherwise.

(Also used a personal nomination on "The Observer".)

A word about Derringer submission: We are usually asked to copy-and-paste nominated stories into the body of a plain text e-mail. In the course of this, smart quotes and m-dashes are lost. This is why we ask our authors to use straight quotes and represent m-dashes with two hyphens in their original manuscripts.

In keeping with tradition, I napped through most of the Super Bowl, but was glad to see the Colts won. Peyton Manning and Tony Dungy (Jim Kelly and Dan Marino) are too good to be labeled perennial runners-up.

I made this a Super Sunday by watching some episodes of Lois & Clark Season One and Smallville Season Four.

And about half an hour ago, I accepted an invitation to have my poem "My uncle talks about himself" included in Mannequin Envy's first print anthology.

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