Friday, February 02, 2007

Smallville: "Crimson"

On Valentine's Day, lovelorn Lois tries a new lipstick that the salesperson promises will make her fall in love with the first man she sees, and wouldn'cha know, she sees Clark.

It turns out the lipstick is laced with red kryptonite, and when Lois finally plants one on our boy, it's like a truth spell has been cast and he leaps a tall building with Lois, tells her Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow, tells his mother off about her closeness with the Luthors (Gotta say I'm with him on that.), and tells a room full of guests that unwed Lana is carrying Lex's baby.

Some great confrontations here. Too bad they don't stick. Most everyone gives Clark a pass saying he's obviously "on something," and once Lois is brought down her high, she doesn't remember a thing.

Ho-hum. Red kryptonite, the biggest character cop-out.

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Anonymous said...

Do you know the name of the song playing in the background of the openning scene in the Talon?
It begins just as the episode stars and you see the cupid