Tuesday, March 06, 2007

When in doubt, blog it out.

Bill Crider blogged FOXNews.com's report of a U.S. Army drill instructor accused of forcing a depressed trainee to dress up as Superman and submit to sexual abuse.

Disgusting if true—even moreso to Superman fans—but it brought to mind a Navy SEAL running cadence that, conversely, I quite enjoy:

Superman is the Man of Steel,
But he ain't no match for a Navy SEAL.

Chief and Supes got in a fight,
Chief hit Supes with some kryptonite.

Supes fell down to his knees in pain,
Now Chief's dating Lois Lane.


David Terrenoire said...

I once leaned against a tree and the DI caught me, asked if I was in love with his tree, and then made me drop trou and hump the tree.

Humiliation is a basic part of basic training.

And I don't believe this story. No DI would bother with the costume.

Gerald So said...

Thanks for the perspective, David. I forgot for a second about people's tendency to blow things out of proportion.

The detail of the Superman costume just bugs me.