Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NCIS: "Brothers in Arms"

As previously blogged, I'm not a fan of wild goose chases or characters' personal lives overwhelming plot. Last night's episode oddly combined these elements as Director Shepard followed a slim lead on "The Frog" and Tony met Jeanne's mother.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for Tony. His fumbling at a relationship feels real and his progression from office horndog to somewhat more sensitive man is believable, but the segments of How Tony Met Jeanne's Mother killed the momentum of Jenny's obsessive chase while the gravity of her pursuit made Tony's dinner date seem hokey.

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WellesFan said...

I liked bringing "The Frog" element of the story back. The episode earlier this season with Ducky going undercover was one of the good ones.

I'm with you on the Tony thing too. It reminds me of the one problem I have with The Unit (which I also watch). There's usually a really well done and exciting mission, but then they go back to the homefront and deal with the wives' stories. Granted, they are sometimes interesting, but usually do nothing save release any tension built up by the "A" story.