Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What's in a Nametag?

This being a summer-like day, I walked 2.3 miles to the train station and headed west for Black Orchid Bookshop's annual Edgar party. With a crowd covering half the block, I couldn't say hello to everyone I wanted. Nametags were in short supply and as I haven't written a novel yet, I didn't press for one. I did talk poetry with soon-to-debut mystery author Liz Zelvin, and talked baseball with Lee Child and Reed Coleman. S.J. Rozan, Jason Starr, Harry Hunsicker, Anthony Rainone, and Jason Pinter came up to chat. B'con 2008 co-host Judy Bobalik introduced herself as a DetecToday lurker. I heard tell of Sarah Weinman's travels and witnessed Dave White's first two Coronas of the night. I wonder if Mary Reagan snapped a picture of me.

I would've liked to have read more of the authors' work and thus felt comfortable introducing myself, but oh well. Half the reason I attend events is to observe without horning in. Next time, though, I'll bring my own nametag.

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