Thursday, May 17, 2007

From Russia with Dub

The individual DVD of From Russia with Love will be released May 22. It's Sean Connery's favorite Bond film, touted by some as the best of the franchise, but I've heard Daniela Bianchi's voice as Tatiana Romanova was dubbed by British actress Barbara Jefford. What's your opinion of the movie? Is the dubbing as noticeable as Jeff East/Christopher Reeve in Superman, or Hercules in New York?


Graham said...

I thought it was superb, though not quite as good as the iconic GOLDFINGER. It had more of an old world spy feel; the rest of the Bond series had a futuristic feel to it.

WellesFan said...

Love From Russia with Love. It ranks as one of my top Bond films. More espionage/spy stuff than action like the later films. Maybe one or two scenes seem a bit off, but I never really noticed the dubbing.

John D. said...

From Russia with Love is one of my favorite Bond movies. Robert Shaw made an excellent villain. The dubbing was barely noticeable.

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