Thursday, May 17, 2007

Smallville: "Phantom"

As usual, a slam-bang season finale. From the screenshots released by The CW, I predicted that Martian Manhunter and Lionel Luthor would join forces with Clark. I also predicted that Chloe's Krypto-power would be to sacrifice herself to save a Lois who'd bled out.

I didn't predict that a car bomb would kill Lana, that Lex apparently wouldn't be behind it, or that the phantom would turn itself into a Bizarro clone of Clark.

Great stuff leading into the next and final season. I wonder if Lana's and Chloe's deaths will stick. You never know with Smallville.

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Anonymous said...

I'm predicting that neither death will stick. In the case of Lana's, it looks like she faked her own death to escape Lex (the only way he'll leave her alone is if he thinks she's dead). The van pulled around the corner at just the right time to obstruct Lionel's vision so that he could have missed her ducking away.

With Chloe, they never defined that she was dead; she just looked that way. Since they never came back to it, it seems that they will keep her around. The girl can't hide her emotions at all; she's obviously upset about Lana knowing Clark's secret, and I'm sure they'll play into that a bit more next season, especially with Jimmy gone for the time being (or for good, hopefully).

In any case, great season finale.