Monday, May 21, 2007

I've Finally Heard: American Pie

I've been a fan of Don McLean since hearing part of "American Pie" on the second episode of Quantum Leap, wherein Sam meets the woman who may or may not leave him at the altar (played by Teri Hatcher).

I watched McLean's surprise appearance at Garth Brooks's 1997 Central Park concert.

I have a greatest hits album that includes a three-and-half minute cut of "American Pie", but last week I bought a 2003 re-release of the original American Pie album, featuring the full 9-minute song.

My only complaint is the cardboard CD holder that's supposed to resemble a record sleeve, making it difficult to remove and replace the CD.


Dave White said...

can you pick out all the musical references in that song? it's tough.

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Those "record sleeves" are annoying as hell. I have the Rolling Stones' TATTOO YOU and Eric Clapton's ME AND MR. JOHNSON in the same format. I'm forever getting fingerprints all over the discs while fighting to get them out.