Wednesday, May 23, 2007

NCIS: "Angel of Death"

Director Shepard's personal search for her presumed-dead father continued with Gibbs's team being interrogated by Homeland Security (under orders from CIA). Meanwhile, Jeanne and Tony are trapped at the hospital by an irate drug dealer looking to forcibly remove a stash of heroin from his injured mule's stomach.

With three plots, the episode, written by Don Bellisario, spread things a tad thin. I got the sense that Bellisario was trying to wrap things up a little too cleverly. While I enjoyed watching Tony play secret agent, many details this season were too covert for my taste. If I missed some obscure clue, I'd certainly miss its eventual payoff.

Not your usual cliffhanger, the biggest surprise was that Jeanne was The Frog's daughter. I suspected early that she might be a pawn in Shepard's machinations against The Frog. Later in the season, I thought she might just be comic relief. My final impressions are that Tony is as close to love as he's ever been, but at the same time he's working the op, using Jeanne to get close to Le Grenouille.

My only question: Why is Director Shepard trying to keep the whole thing a secret from Gibbs? She should know better than anyone that he'll eventually find out. Why not come clean and save NCIS from spinning its wheels investigating itself?

Could the truth be that terrible? I guess we'll find out.

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