Wednesday, May 23, 2007


After NCIS I watched Tom Selleck's fourth Jesse Stone TV movie, Sea Change. I can't compare it to the book because I haven't yet bought the more expensive ($9.99) taller, thinner paperback and I don't live near a library.

As usual, Jesse is bemoaning his ex-wife's life without him, teetering on the edge of a bottle. Just to have something to do, he reopens the case of a woman fifteen years dead. Threatening to distract him are a young woman's allegation she was raped aboard a yacht visiting Paradise, and threats on his life from the brother of a low-level gangster Jesse set up to be killed. Add to this the drama of Suitcase Simpson's recovery from a coma, and Chief Stone's plate is full. Why do I suspect the book was somewhat less full?

Let's face it. Parker's recent work is more character study than real mystery or action thriller, and Selleck has made the character his own. All the movies have had different writers, but each one has nailed Jesse's tone (wink, wink)--trademark Parker.

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