Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Best of 2007

Best Read (Novel) of 2007:

It's Superman! by Tom De Haven - A retelling of Superman's origins set in a realistic 1930s America.

The Follower by Jason Starr - Starr looks at single life in New York City, skewed only slightly to the noir.

Big City, Bad Blood by Sean Chercover - With Ray Dudgeon, Chercover proves neither the P.I. nor the genre has to resort to cliché.

Best Read (Short Story) of 2007:

"Everybody Loves Somebody" by Sandra Scoppettone - A bored teenager runs away from home, into the arms of several wrong men. Finely executed female noir.

"The Recipe" by Carolina Garcia-Aguilera - A darkly humorous tale of how far a man will go for peace and quiet.

"No One" by Marcus Sakey - The ominous confession of a depressed college student, whose tone shifts from regret to anger.

Best Movie Seen in 2007:

Gone, Baby, Gone - One of the decade's best detective films. It goes on a bit long, but the characterizations are right on.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Great dialogue, great twists, star turns by Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, and Michelle Monaghan. I almost wish for a sequel.

Best Writing Experience of 2007:

"Smithee Claus" - A down-on-his luck, striking WGA writer hopes to make a fresh start just before Christmas. Will he succeed? Hopefully coming to an ezine near you.

"Confession of a Spenser Fan" - Even as I recovered from dental surgery, this story was a pleasure to write.

"Faith" - I always enjoy working in the voice of pilot-for-hire C.J. Stone, and BURST paid $10.

Every year working as a freelancer, I try to be more productive, have fewer lulls. I'm looking to roll right into 2008.

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Sean Chercover said...

Wow, thanks Gerald! It's an honor to have made your list. You've made my day.