Sunday, December 09, 2007

"My soul is prepared. How's yours?"

Indy fans will recognize the entry title as a line from Kazim, one of the guards of the Holy Grail, during a memorable boat chase ("I said, 'Go around!'"). One of my family's traditions is to go to Reconciliation during Advent. It helps me embrace the Christmas season's spirit of giving. Last year, I went the first week of Advent, after taking the train home from a book signing.

This year, I tried to go yesterday, and a priest wasn't available. Also the church was being used for Christmas pageant rehearsal. In short, I may not get to go until three days before Christmas. This reminds me of grad school, when my thesis advisor often had to cancel our meetings, forcing me to make revisions on my own. I used those cancellations to hone my writing instincts, and I'll use this one to hone my conscience.

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