Saturday, December 29, 2007

On the fourth day of Christmas...

I got together with my friends the Tedescos (Matt, his wife Kim, their daughters Sophie and Ava) and the Ricottas (John, his wife Kelly, their daughters Emma and Julie) for a belated Christmas party featuring pizza from Angelo's of Carle Place, music by Los Straitjackets, and much cuteness.

I gave John an Insult-a-Day 2008 Desk Calendar, filled with humorous celebrity one-liners. I gave Matt The Bourne Ultimatum on DVD.

The Ricottas gave me a Borders gift card that I'll use online for maximum value. Matt gave me a copy of James Bond and Philosophy: Questions Are Forever, featuring his essay "The Moral Status of the Double-0 Agent: Thinking about the License to Kill". I forgot to have him sign it, but I'll rectify that in a few days when we meet for a movie.

For dessert, I tried Cheese Fudge, highly recommended by Beloit prof Tedesco and almost unrecognizable as cheese by my taste buds. Eureka!

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