Tuesday, May 20, 2008

House: "Wilson's Heart"

A recording error cost me much of Part 1 of the House finale, but I caught on pretty quick with Part 2. The usually uncompromising House bends over backwards to respect Wilson's wishes in the wake of Amber's trauma, going so far as to electroshock himself into lucidly remembering the details of the night leading up to the bus crash.

I don't think this season entirely worked—bringing in dozens of candidates while Cameron, Chase, and Foreman hovered like phantoms—but I have to praise the writers for ultimately making me care about Amber.


Josephine Damian said...

G: I foolishly got caught up in "Dancing with the Stars" and would forget House was on. I too missed pretty much everything you did. But at the end I still saw Amber as a sociopath and did not sympathize with her, JMO.

But you're right - too many new characters at the start of the season meant for a diffused focus. Some intersting characters and story lines, but as Hollywood says: Good idea, poorly executed.

And they seemed to lose track of just who is the main character - House. Still a decent show though compared to the rest of the drek on TV.

Gerald So said...

I sympathized with Amber only as she faced death, but that was something, considering at first I didn't care a whit about her.