Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NCIS: "Judgment Day"

At a retired agent's funeral, Director Shepard intercepts an old codename linked to a ten-year-old mission in Russia. Misleading DiNozzo and David and then refusing their help, Jenny takes on the responsibility of protecting herself and Gibbs from an unknown assailant.

As the show had hinted at Jenny's death since the end of the writer's strike, her murder was not the big shocker of the episode; that came when new director Vance informed Tony, Ziva, and McGee they were being reassigned and presented Gibbs with the dossiers for his new team.

So things are about to get interesting. I just hope the shakeup works better on NCIS than it did on House.

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WellesFan said...

Good finale, I thought. Yes, we all knew Jenny was going to die (or at least leave the show). I thought that maybe one or more members of the team would leave on their own accord because of the way they all started to snap at each other in the second half of the finale. The only time I thought of Vance breaking up the whole team was the 5 seconds between when he called them all in his office and when they all showed up.

Is the team really going to be split up forever? A lot of times in Donald P. Bellisario TV shows, characters go their separate ways then come back at some point (see: JAG, Gibbs last season on NCIS). I'm glad Abby and Ducky will be back, but NCIS without Tony?