Saturday, July 05, 2008


My brother and I have gone to the movies the past two weekends. I really enjoyed Kung Fu Panda: authentic animal-style kung fu, interesting voice cast, and most important, a fresh script.

Last week, we saw Wall-E, a sci-fi comedy/cautionary tale against consumerism. Everything was delivered well, but not in a fresh way.

Yesterday, my brother and two friends saw Hancock. I passed, but he tells me it's better than he expected. Not quite "good", but he'd consider getting it on video.


Graham Powell said...

WHAAAAT?!!?!?!? WALL-E "delivered well, but not in a fresh way"??? Its credits alone put most movies to shame. You're losing your powers, old man.

Gerald So said...

In terms of story, I thought WALL-E took no unexpected twists while KUNG FU PANDA played with genre conventions enough to surprise me. Both good movies, but,,,what can I tell you?