Thursday, July 31, 2008

You probably already knew this about my life...

Patrick Shawn Bagley of The Lineup fame asked a bunch of bloggers which comics character they'd most like to write. Patrick will post the results on Monday, but I'm posting my answer to celebrate the birthday of an actor who played the character on TV. My mind flitted to Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Mal Reynolds, and The Middleman, but in the end I chose...

If the question is really who I'd most like to write, I'd have to go with Superman/Clark Kent. Sure, he's been around forever, but I've always related best to the strange visitor believing in the core values of his new home such that he'd want to live the American Dream himself.

My single- or six-issue run would have Clark either powerless or unable to change into the Superman outfit—lost at Metro Dry Cleaners?!!—because I like the idea of Clark working in secret, doing what he can without the swooping gesture that gathers a crowd. The storyline might be that Clark has sworn not to don the tights and cape in an effort to show Lois they can have some semblance of a "normal" relationship together. And yet, do-gooder that he is, he can't resist helping people where he can.

My story arc might be a lot like the first season of Lois & Clark. Dean Cain turns 42 today. He recently guest-starred on Smallville as an immortal Vandal Savage-type villain, and his voice was blatantly, artificially pitched down.

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