Saturday, August 30, 2008

I've Finally Seen: THE DARK KNIGHT

After weeks of trying to schedule an IMAX showing of the movie with my friends—the Lincoln Square IMAX is still selling out—I bowed to my Mysterical-Eye column deadline and saw today's matinee of The Dark Knight at the non-IMAX Westbury Stadium 12.

Watching the movie a month and a half after its premiere, I not only ignored the hype; I forgot most of it. Yes, Heath Ledger's performance is great, but all the actors are immersed in their roles. For a movie said to be very dark in tone, there are plenty of funny moments, too.

The movie's main misstep is its length. I lost any feel for pacing with about an hour to go. As well as The Dark Knight explores heroes and villains, the script begins to explain what it's exploring, and subtlety goes out the window.

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