Monday, January 05, 2009

February Flash Challenge

Here's a flash challenge to complete by February 10th from Patti Abbott:

I got the idea on Women of Mystery's blog where Terrie Moran wrote two lines that I wanted to steal. So now we can all steal. Or get a kick start on a new flash. Or work in tandem. Whatever.

1) Sign up to play by January 13th.

2) Write the first paragraph of a story, say 3-6 lines.) It doesn't have to be about Valentine's Day).

3) Send your paragraph to Patti by January 20th (aa2579 at wayne dot edu). She will stir the pot, sight unseen, and send it back out to another writer by the 23rd.

4) Write a 750 (or so) word story using the paragraph you are given.

5) Post it on your own blog or send it to Aldo (mysdawg at sbcglobal dot net) by February 10th.

6) Patti will let you know whose lines you used when it's over.

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