Monday, January 05, 2009


Ah, life post-VCR, pre-DVR. I watched a 2:00 AM showing of To Love and Die, starring Shiri Appleby as Hildy Taylor, an independent go-getter who nonetheless has a fear of commitment thanks to never knowing her biological father. When she finally decides to seek him out on her own, she discovers he is a contract killer (Tim Matheson).

Suddenly Hildy finds all her knowledge and aptitudes are suited to the family business. Luckily her father is a principled killer who goes to great length to protect the innocent, and evidently he loved Hildy's mother (Frances Fisher) despite only being with her for six months and having been with several women since.

Hildy is an instantly likable, think-on-her-feet, fast-talker, and Appleby plays a perfect blend of sweet and sexy to a matching soundtrack. USA Network picked up To Love and Die in late June 2007, but it's unclear if any more episodes will air. I'd love to see more, but if that doesn't happen, I'm glad I caught the pilot.

Kudos to writer-producer Sara Nemeth Goodman.

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