Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leverage: "The Wedding Job"

Nate and the team are forced to go up against a mob boss (Dan Lauria) when Sophie takes a case from her friend Teresa, whose husband went to jail for a murder committed by said mob boss. Nicole Sullivan plays the mob boss's wife, who is forcing a big wedding on her (step?)daughter.

Though this is the seventh episode of Leverage to air, it was the third one shot. Some dialogue points to this, such as Eliot ruminating about the girl who got away. We met her (Jaime Ray Newman) in "The Two-Horse Job" which aired third.

I wonder what I'd think of Leverage were the episodes airing in the order they were shot. My favorite characters at this point are Parker and Hardison (Beth Riesgraf, Aldis Hodge). They've had the funniest lines and shown the most personality. I also like the attraction that's grown between them.

Sophie (Gina Bellman) is fine, but I didn't like her breaking character and screaming "Nate!" during "The Bank Shot Job". Sure, Nate was shot, but Sophie's slip of the tongue almost bungled the whole thing, and I wouldn't expect it from a master grifter.

Christian Kane's character Eliot Spencer was billed as an enlightened tough guy/kitchen whiz (Spenser?), but we hadn't seen his culinary skill until last night. Because I've seen his character type before, I think he needs the most fleshing out.

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