Friday, February 13, 2009

Burn Notice: "Bad Breaks"

Put out by the reappearance of CSS agent Jason Bly (Alex Carter), Michael nonetheless helps his mother's friend Paula, who believes she's being stalked by someone she met online. When Paula calls Michael saying the stalker has shown up at her work, Michael learns that Paula works at a private bank. Bly is there, too, and stalker Prescott (Mark Sheppard) isn't a stalker, but a bank robber.

Even more than usual, this episode showed Michael's spy expertise in action. After attending to Bly, shot after attempting heroics, Michael takes on the guise of a doctor, pretending to patch up Prescott's men when he's actually disarming or poisoning them. He also manages to defeat Prescott's cell phone block and call Sam and Fiona for help.

On friendlier terms after their ordeal, Bly helps Michael track this season's Big Bad. Unfortunately, the best Bly can come up with is a number with nothing behind it.

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kieran said...

totally the best of the season so far. paced and sharp.