Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leverage: "The Juror No. 6 Job"

Parker's upstanding alias is called for jury duty, and Nate prods her to serve, hoping to improve her people skills. Parker must help decide whether a man's sudden death was caused by FastLife, an energy supplement he'd begun to take. Catching onto something fishy behind the scenes of the trial, Parker enlists the team's help.

The team discovers pharmaceuticals heiress Toby Earnshaw is looking to buy Live Herbally, makers of FastLife. Already secretly invested in FastLife, Earnshaw is doing everything to ensure an outcome in her favor—from bribing the jury foreman to tracking the movements of Live Herbally's owner, William Quint (Brent Spiner).

In the end, the team uses Earnshaw's controlling nature against her, altering footage on her spy cameras and stealing Quint's cell phone to make her think he's been talking to other buyers. I enjoyed the figurative chess match between Nate and Earnshaw, ending with them finally meeting face to face.

Kudos to writer Rebecca Kircsh.

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