Sunday, March 08, 2009

Dollhouse: "Gray Hour"

Echo takes on the identity of a safecracker named Taffy to steal a piece of the Parthenon. When one of her crew rabbits with the piece, she calls Boyd for backup, and with the sound a connecting modem she's remotely wiped. Scrambling, the Dollhouse people turn Sierra into Taffy, and she calls Echo with a way out.

I preferred this episode to last week's backup singer identity, but the series' larger problem remains. How can audiences relate to characters whose identities change multiple times per episode? I get the feeling this is some grand experiment of Whedon's, to go against every convention of character and see where viewer loyalties lie. If it's not an experiment, it's just bad TV.

There is the larger mystery of who Caroline is, but because we saw so little of her personality in the pilot, a larger serving will probably come off as just another imprint. I was in no rush to watch this episode. My only loyalty is to the promise of Alan Tudyk playing Alpha.

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