Friday, March 06, 2009

Wonder Woman (2009)

I watched the new DC animated Wonder Woman movie on Blu-ray yesterday. After depicting a bloody battle between Ares (Alfred Molina) and Hippolyta (Virginia Madsen), the movie presents Diana's origin, shaped by Hippolyta from clay, and her meeting Steve Trevor (Nathan Fillion), who crash-lands on Themiscyra after a dogfight.

When Ares escapes Amazon custody, Diana must venture into man's world to return Steve and stop Ares before the psychic energy of the world's wars and hate give him limitless power.

The movie was a fine epic fantasy with a good voice cast, particularly Fillion as the comic yet courageous Trevor. I found the picture a bit too soft-focused. This may have been meant to enhance the fantasy feel or give a sense of depth, both of which work at times.

I own Superman: Doomsday and Justice League: New Frontier, but skipped Batman: Gotham Knight because I'm not a fan of anime-style. Still, one of the goals of these direct-to-DVD features is do what hasn't been seen before.

Next in line (Summer 2009) is Green Lantern: First Flight, starring Christopher Meloni as Hal Jordan, Victor Garber as Sinestro, and Michael Madsen as Kilowog.

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StephenD said...

DC's doing a good job with these movies. New Frontier was great, but I was underwhelmed with Superman: Doomsday. I'd place Wonder Woman above Doomsday, but below New Frontier.

I agree that Fillion was great as Trevor. DC's also been doing a great job casting these things.

Can't wait for the Green Lantern one.