Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Feeling on Flash Fiction

Responding to Patrick Shawn Bagley's blog post on flash fiction, I commented:

I'm a concise writer in general, agreeing with your sentiment that every word of finished prose or poetry should be meaningful.

Few of my stories feature the surprise twist that thematically identifies flash fiction, but several are categorized as flash by length. I participate in flash fiction events to challenge myself to pack a fully developed story into a few words. It's a skill I don't want to lose.

There's practically no money in flash fiction, poetry, or short stories, but if I chose not to write them for lack of pay, I'd write a lot less overall. I'll continue to write what comes, be it a poem, story, or novel.


Paul Brazill said...

Well said. If you write something because you like it and someone else likes it then that's it really. It's one of the perks of not being a professional writer and having to pad out a good idea into a faceless novel because you want to get a second mortgage on your home.

Gerald So said...

It's most important to stay in a creative flow. My creativity tends to stall if I pass up many "small" projects in favor of "big" ones. I'm all for writing for pay, but I wouldn't pass up a project simply because it didn't pay.

Whatever I'm writing, my goal is to write the best I can. If I get paid for that, so much the better.

Paul Brazill said...

Oh, I was just being being flip Gerald! But when you don't rely on writing to pay the bills it does give you a lot more freedom.Of course, it could also allow you to be more self-indulgant. Horse for courses.

Gerald So said...

I agree, Paul. I don't do well with too much freedom. Even the most objective people are too subjective about their own writing. Editors point out things writers are too close to see on their own.