Friday, April 17, 2009

Bones: "Mayhem on a Cross"

When an American skeleton is discovered at a death metal concert in Norway, the Norwegian authorities decide to hand off to the Jeffersonian, where Brennan, Booth and friends take up the investigation. This episode is most notable for the reappearance of Stephen Fry as retiring FBI psychologist Gordon Wyatt. Until the midpoint of this season, I had felt Dr. Sweets was a poor substitute for Dr. Wyatt, and in this episode Wyatt manages to tear Sweets down and build him up, all while maintaining an endearing charm.

Wyatt was not-so-subtly annointing Sweets, but I'd enjoy seeing him again in his new culinary career.


Gabriella said...

I just want to say that I'm a little bit confused about NORSE. What do you mean by that? Norske?, as in the norwegian name for norway? (I'm from norway=)

Gerald So said...

Gabriella, thanks for the comment. "Norse" was the wrong choice of words, as in Norse mythology. I just discovered "Norse" applies to Scandinavia in general, and what I meant here was the authorities specific to Norway. I've changed the reference to "Norwegian authorities".