Thursday, April 23, 2009

Smallville: "Stiletto"

Starved for a hot story and a way to draw out the Red-Blue Blur, Lois creates her own superhero identity after saving Chloe from a carjacker. She's in over her head when said carjacker happens to be connected to Bruno Manheim and the beginnings of Intergang.

This episode had lots of Lois and Clark friendly rivalry, very nuanced and foreshadowy dialogue, and well drawn subplots for Chloe and Jimmy. I especially liked Lois in full Stiletto garb having to crash through a skylight to save Clark, who was trapped near a kryptonite-powered counterfeit press and getting the crap kicked out of him to boot. Then, still weak, Clark lunges in front of a bullet to save Lois.

Wrapping up, Lois finally gets a call from the Blur (Clark using a voice-changer), and their conversation is so full of good stuff, it would have made a great series finale.

But of course, it's not.

I'm no longer surprised to learn my favorite episodes are written by Caroline Dries.

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