Thursday, May 07, 2009

Boldly Going

Three friends and I are going to see J.J. Abrams's Star Trek reboot tonight at 10. I want to say I'm not enough of a Trekkie to do this sort of thing, but clearly I am, and so I give you my favorite Star Trek movie lines of all time:

Khan, I'm laughing at the superior intellect.

SPOCK (a tie)
I have been and always shall be your friend.

Ship...Out of danger?

SCOTTY (spoken into computer mouse)
Computer. Hello, Computer.

UPDATE: Star Trek's action kept me on the edge of my seat; its humor kept me laughing; its pace kept me pleasantly unaware of running time. I can't ask for more from a movie, let alone a Star Trek movie. Like Daniel Craig as James Bond, Chris Pine pulled off a performance all his own while paying enough homage to make the character recognizable as Jim Kirk. The same can be said of the other bridge crew players, especially Karl Urban's Bones McCoy.

Does the movie need Leonard Nimoy? Maybe not, but his role successfully signaled a passing of the torch. I'm ready for more. Now.


pattinase (abbott) said...

Sure is getting great reviews.

Scott Parker said...

I'm going tomorrow morning at the IMAX.

My favorite lines aside from yours:
Kirk: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

Spock: They are the hell not your whales.

Khan: quoting Melville as he dies.

Kirk: Let them die.

Data: Lock and load.

And, probably my favorite line in all of Trekdom for what it meant to Kirk: "Let's get the hell out of here."