Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Flash Fiction Challenge

I've lost count, to tell you the truth, so I'll take Patti Abbott's word that this is number five:

In the early nineties, a book was published where each story shared a single concept: "a wedding cake in the middle of the road."

None of those stories were flash fiction, but let's see what we can do with that idea in a limited number of words.

Stories should be around 750 words, but anything under 1000 wrds is good. You can set your wedding cake on a road on Mars, in Montana, or anywhere at all. In other words, all genres are welcome.

The "wedding cake in the road" can be the main idea or a sidebar-so long as it's in there--like the gun in Plots with Guns.

Mystery Dawg will publish stories on Powder Burn Flash where no blog is available.

June seems like a good month for wedding cakes so let's shoot for June 4th.

Please don't post your story before June 4. Also let me or Gerald So or Aldo know before then. (You can always opt out if it doesn't work out).

I can see your cake in the road already!

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Paul Brazill said...

I've got one in the works already.