Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Lawrence Block's Last Book?

Tweeted by Jon Jordan, Lawrence Block announced on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson that his memoir Step by Step will be his last book. Never the hottest or flashiest of mystery writers, Block remains one of the most solidly entertaining and fundamentally sound. His ability to demonstrate his process in Telling Lies for Fun and Profit and Spider, Spin Me a Web helped me stick with writing when my confidence was lowest.

As in professional sports, it's difficult to retire when one can still make good money writing. If this is indeed Block's last book, I applaud him for knowing when to walk away. As so many said during Bouchercon 2008, thank you, Larry.

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Graham Powell said...

He doesn't have to write any more books, Hard Case is republishing everything he ever put out!

My favorite was when Hard Case had Block's pseudonym "Paul Cavanaugh" blurb Donald Westlake's pseudonym "Richard Stark". Not many publishers put Easter eggs out there for their fans.