Saturday, October 03, 2009

Smallville: "Metallo"

Smallville's portrayal of the cyborg Metallo is the most sympathetic I've seen. When a photograph of his beloved deceased sister blows into the street, new Daily Planet reporter John Corben goes after it only to be hit by a truck. He wakes to find his limbs replaced with bionics, his heart replaced by a kryptonite-powered matrix. Before being shut down by Clark, he makes an impassioned case against heroes who lurk in the shadows and swoop in to change fate. This clearly influences Clark's decision to live a double life, the hero and the everyman, difficult as it may be.

This may be the first Smallville about which I have no complaints. Usually, there are two or three good moments an episode, and even those trip over a few lines of dialogue. This episode was good from stem to stern, start to finish. Kudos to Brian Austin Green, writers Don Whitehead and Holly Henderson, and director Mairzee Almas.

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