Thursday, November 05, 2009

I am not a Yankee fan(atic).

The team I've rooted for since age 3, the New York Yankees, won their 27th championship last night, and I slept through most of the final game. After watching Cliff Lee dominate Game 1 with a friend, I slept straight through A.J. Burnett's Game 2 win.

Five years I ago, I stayed up and paced through every minute of the Yankees' historic collapse against the Boston Red Sox, and I was very conscious not to get overexcited this time around. To be honest, I had several work commitments throughout the playoffs—the Lineup reading, my weekly reviews for BSC, and GePoWriMo chief among them—that prevented sheer devotion to baseball.

I did follow the Yankees through the regular season, and more than anything I'm aware of how difficult it is to go out and perform, blocking out the media and fan attention. I'm happy they won, but I'm also glad not to let baseball distract me from performing, so to speak.

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