Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short Stories vs. Novels

On Murderati the other day, Allison Brennan blogged about writing short stories versus novels:

Readers, do you like reading short stories? Novellas? Or prefer to stick only with full-length novels? ...Writers, do you like reading and/or writing short stories?

I commented:

I've always enjoyed concise writing and written concisely, but I'm not satisfied reading or writing just short stories or novels. I think the scope of a story should determine its length. For the classic journey that changes the hero on several levels, a novel can show that journey at a more believable pace than a short story. Conversely, a short story is often better than a novel for showing the immediate effects of a single event. A short story allows you to give the event its due while a novel would force you to draw out its effects perhaps unnecessarily or implausibly.

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