Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Go get it.

I had been feeling uncreative for longer than I knew. Oh, I had ideas and I worked on them, but I wasn't finishing anything at the rate I wanted: Stories, poetry chaps, novels. I wish I could, but I can wish to be one kind of writer or accept the kind of writer I am.

I work best with lots of stimuli and prefer to jump to what excites me than to let anything bore me. This may sound capricious. Then again, boredom shows on the page. For the past few mornings, I've told myself, "Go get it." I don't know what "it" is to start, or how many "its" there will be in a day, but I prefer to produce something than to produce nothing, lost in notions of what I should be doing.

I don't know what kind of career I'll have, but I'm willing to go get it a day at a time.

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