Sunday, October 24, 2010

"Come out to the Coast..."

Yesterday my friend Christine Boylan, once rookie-of-the-year at Hofstra's literary magazine Font, now writer of such memorable Leverage episodes as "The Miracle Job", "The Bottle Job", and "The Three-Card Monte Job" and working on the Shonda Rhimes series Off The Map, married Eric Heisserer, co-writer of the new Nightmare on Elm Street and 5inal Destination.

I couldn't be there, but I remember fondly last Thanksgiving, when Christine and Eric came east, and Christine treated us to pizza:

L to R: Deshant Paul, Christine and Eric, me, John Ricotta and his daughters

Meanwhile, Deshant and John did make the trip west, and Deshant snapped a photo he knew I'd enjoy:

And I'm almost certain this wasn't their wedding song, but it was the one playing in my head:

Congratulations, Christine and Eric. Go forth and be awesome.

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