Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kate and Alex

Alexandra Diddario
Last night's White Collar, "Forging Bonds", flashed back to Neal Caffrey's early days in New York, his meeting Mozzie, and their planning to con investor Vincent Adler (Andrew McCarthy). Kate Moreau (Alexandra Diddario), who would become the love of Neal's life, worked for Adler. Fellow grifter Alex Hunter (Gloria Votsis) was also trying to con Adler, only to be caught by Neal.

Gloria Votsis
Normally, this would be enough coincidence in one episode to make my head spin, but it was all pulled off smoothly. Personally, I prefer Alex to Kate. Alex seems to like Neal; Kate seems to know how hard Neal has fallen for her and has used it to manipulate him. Of course, flashing forward eight years, Kate has been killed in a plane explosion that would have killed Neal if he hadn't hesitated a few seconds. There's no competition left for Alex except Neal's haunting memories of Kate.

Farrah Forke
I'm into the story, I like the characters, but also I just like the names Kate and Alex. Kate Holden from my C.J. Stone stories, who acts more like Alex Hunter than Kate Moreau, was inspired by Farrah Forke's portrayal of former Army pilot Alex Lambert on Wings. I was also a fan of JAG's Kate Pike (Andrea Parker) and NCIS's Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander).

I haven't, and may never decide if Kate Holden is short for Catherine, Katherine, Kathleen, or Caitlin. I can tell you it's not just Kate.


Terrie Farley Moran said...

Thanks for this. I watched the State of the Union and the responses, so I missed White Collar (no DVR) and was very curious about the episode.

And sometimes Kate is just Kate.


Gerald So said...

You can watch the episode on Hulu now, Terrie. And I know Kate can be just Kate, but that doesn't seem to fit my character. I also haven't decided what C.J. stands for.