Thursday, June 16, 2011

Noir at the Beach House: "Playa Los Muertos"

My entry in Steve Weddle/Do Some Damage's Noir at the Beach House fiction contest brings back Marine sniper-turned-photographer Tom Gregory, who previously appeared in the 2004 Shots UK story "Home", edited by Sarah Weinman, and in the 2007 story, "Have You Seen Savannah Frye?".

You can read this story as part of my ebook, First In, Last Out: Three Tom Gregory Stories, 99 cents for Kindle and Nook.


Keith said...

That story was like a shot of whisky itself; terse and satisfying. "Blue Chairs" is a cool name.

Good read.


Katherine Tomlinson said...

Love the cat and mouse one-upsmanship of the two men. Tom is a great character.

Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Nice job, Gerald. I enjoyed reading "Playa Los Muertos." Tom's an interesting character.