Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charles Gramlich on WE MIGHT HAVE

Author and psychologist Charles Gramlich commented on Ron Scheer's review of We Might Have that he hadn't read any of my stuff but was interested, so I sent him a copy of the book. He e-mailed me to say that his reading schedule was busy and he couldn't promise a review. I told him not to worry; I just wanted to satisfy his curiosity.

Late yesterday, he followed up, saying he had posted a review to Amazon and Goodreads that reads, in part:

I didn't intend to read this one so quickly. I just got it yesterday. But I read the first few while taking a break from TV and found them addictive. Most are short and pithy. But there's clearly a sound talent behind the words and a lot of feeling in them. I'm 52 now and these poems probably apply most strongly to younger individuals, in their teens and 20s perhaps, but I could easily put myself back in those days and recall when I felt just like this. Good stuff.


David Cranmer said...

Nice review, Charles. I had a similar reaction. I expected to read slowly when I had some spare time and then I became hooked and zipped through.

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a good collection.