Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Trouble with an old story

"A Little Trouble" was the third of seven stories I've written about flyboy-for-hire C.J. Stone. Published in May 2004 on Megan Powell's late, lamented website Shred of Evidence, it remains my longest story to date, detailing how C.J. came to own Miss Liberty, a Grumman Goose well beyond his means.

Given its length and the character groundwork it lays, I thought it would be a good story to sell as an ebook. However, I find I can't buy into certain plot points anymore. Part of me, the part that likes continuity, hates to change things now. But then, the characters, C.J. included, are all experienced liars.

In the end, I prefer to tell more stories than to limit myself to a few that strictly follow each other, so the ebook version of "A Little Trouble" will include some never-before-seen material.

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