Thursday, August 04, 2011

"Computer...Hello, Computer."

Today on Do Some Damage, Jay Stringer discusses the role of computers in his writing process and how he's had to adjust to some time without a computer.

In conclusion, he asks, "How has technology changed the way you write? And what do you think you'd find about your writing process if the machines went away?"

I commented:

I was a slow longhand writer as a child, when I was required to write cursive. I often worried that my written notes wouldn't keep up with classes. I also typed slowly on a typewriter, was prone to typos, and didn't want to waste paper.

Computers solve all those problems for me. I'll never be the fastest typist, but I'm well past having to look at the keys.

This much said, my best projects have always started with a pen and memo pad to brainstorm ideas. No longer required to use a style of writing or note-taking, I can just take notes that make sense to me. So when a computer isn't available, I'm comfortable going to pen/pencil and paper.

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